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Like anything else, there are countless people who only care about getting something for FREE!! Does this describe your attitude? If so, I can guarantee you that you will not be reading my blog for too long. 

Let me continue by asking you a question. Do you know anything about Western astrology? Do you even know what I just asked you? If your answer is yes, that’s good and read on. 

WHAT exactly do you know (actually know and not just think you know) about Western astrology? Only what the Sunday newspaper astrology column says? Well, in that case, you actually know next to nothing about the subject or field. 

You see, ALL the newspaper article says anything about is your Sun-sign. That and nothing else. To make matters much, much worse, the “reading” it has for your Sun-sign is so vague and general that it is perfectly useless.

Feeling frustrated or upset about now? Believe it or not, that’s probably a (very) good thing! Honestly and seriously. You see, if you continue to read this post, you might just begin to develop a good idea what Western natal or birth astrology is all about. Read on and see if you believe me.

I Want MY Reading – Where’s My Chart?

Excellent question, my friend. It is a simple fact that if you have any real desire to see how much an accurate reading of your birth chart can do you, you need to start with your own natal chart that has been accurately prepared or drawn. And the fact about that is this – you CANNOT and will not be able to get a reading without an accurate chart being done for you. Period.

This means you absolutely MUST have two things – your exact birth location AND time of birth (that means down to the hour and minute of your birth)It is possible to have a birth chart prepared for you without this information, but it simply will not be an accurate or very useful one. 

Now that you understand what you need to get any chart drawn you can actually rely upon and use, get your chart out and place it on a table or desk in front of you. What’s that? You say you don’t have any? Well, you would normally be SOL. However, since you read this far, I will give you a break and some help. 

You don’t have your chart, but I sure as hell have mine. The deal I will offer you is that until you get your chart made, I will give you a short but accurate and interesting reading iof the main factors in my chart to help explain what you need to look for. Oh, and once you know and have your own birth information from a birth certificate and nothing else, here are three online places you can go to get an accurate chart calculated and made up for you: – this is the site I actually use all the time and offers a free horoscope for you that will be accurate – a new site that prides itself on the accuracy of the charts it prepares and is reliable – interesting articles along with free horoscopes suitable for a beginner

Let’s get on with it then, shall we?

YES, I Finally Have My Chart – Now What Do I Do?

That’s great news. You didn’t pay anything for it, did you? Not if you went to any of the three sites I just gave you above. All right, you have your chart. Now, what was that you wanted – for free? Oh, yes, that’s right. NOW you want to know what the hell to do with it, rather than throw it away or let it get lost. You’re in luck; I’m still here.

The start of any natal chart reading is to scan the chart and get a good overview. What does this mean? Every astrologcial birth chart has the same structure and elements.For example, in Western astrology, your chart is a circle with twelve pie-shaped sections reprersenting houses in it. Each of the houses has some (strange) symbols in it or has none and is empty. 

The signs represent two things. One is the planet in the chart, even though the sun is just that – a sun and not a planet, and the moon also is not a planet, but a satellite of the earth – and the other is the astrological sign the planet is in. Remember, both the sun and moon are considered planets for the purposes of reading your chart. 

All Right, Which Symbols Should I Look At First?

The answer to this does not have only one part or step.

The first thing to do is look at each of the twelve symbols that represent the 1) the Sun and Moon, and 2) the eight planets in our solar system that go from Mercury through Pluto. The chart can be “split” for this purpose into two sections vertically and horizontally. It can also and needs to be split into four sections or quadrants

How many of the ten symbols are in each quadrant (houses I-III, IV-VI, and so on) – and how many are in each half of the chart? 

if a certain quadrant or hemisphere (Quadrants I and II, and III and IV) has a majority of or many planets in it, that aspect of your life is more important. For interpeting what a majority of planets in a quadrant or hemisphere mean, as well as how to interpret what each planet and its sign means, see my next post.

All Right, Give Me The Last Step (For My First Look)

Until the next time, make up a two-column table. In the left-column, list the ten planets from top to bottom. Start with the Sun first, followed by the Moon and then the eight planets. Next, write down the asrological sign in the second column, next to the Sun, Moon and planets. Finally, make up a third column and write down the house for each of the ten points in the chart you have already written the two columns down for. 

If you don’t do these simple steps, do yourself and me a favor – DON’T come back to read the next post. You want free?” You just read and received an excellent free lesson that cost me time and effort. NOTHING in life comes without it costing somebody time, energy/effort, or money. 

I sincerely hope you come back to learn more and help yourself gain some more knowledge you can actually use in your life on a daily basis to be more happy and effective. Enough said.



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