Your FREE Astrology Chart – Be Careful!

There is a very old saying that goes “You get what you pay (paid) for.” This is generally true, no matter what it is that you’ve either paid for – or gotten for free. There are two points you need to consider. One is that just because you didn’t pay anything for what you receive, doesn’t mean nobody has taken their time, energy and effort to make or create what you have gotten or gained. Obviously, somebody has made it, if you haven’t.

Second, free DOES not always mean the same thing as “Wow, have I gotten a good/great bargain or what!?” NO, you my, in fact, not gotten a bargain at all – but a “lemon.” How many times have you or somebody you have known wound up getting pure free garbage or junk? So, the point here is that if you are willing to, or insist, that you are only willing to get what you want or need for free, you better watch out! You may get exactly what you are willing to pay nothing for – garbage or junk.

When ordering an astrological natal or birth chart for free online, you have more than enough choices to make as to where you can create your chart and normally a short free report. What you still want to do, though, is to make sure your chart contains all the information you will need to use it as a springboard for future guidance and interpretation. After all, a natal chart by itself does a person almost no good. It is simply like a map in the hands of a user. To be useful, the person needs to know what to look for

So, for the remainder of this post, I will delve into the things you need to look for and see in your birth chart, to begin your journey into the amazing amount of information, insights, and wisdom a natal chart can contain for a serious “student” of astrology.  

Start With The Basics – What Is A Natal (Birth) Chart?

At the exact moment or second of your birth, our planet’s sun and moon, as well as the planets in our local solar system where in precise positions in space. It is where the positons of these cosmic bodies where from your vantage point on earth, over the eastern horizon. One second later, literally, the positions of our planet, the Sun and Moon, and the planets in our solar system had changed. Not only this, but depending upon your location on earth at the exact moment of your birth, all these positions are different

Now you might begin to understand the key importance of knowing your exact location and time of your birth. Without knowing these things, the free astrological chart you may create or order will definitely be perfectly useless and a waste of your time (and/or money). You might as well use the free astrologcial chart you have for toilet paper or wallpaper. Why bother?

However, if you are truly interested in and serious about learning how an accurate astrology chart can and will lead to a lifetime of never-ending wonder, knowledge, and insight into every part of you, read on.

I Understand The “Circle,” But What Do All Those Funny Symbols Mean?

An astrological chart is drawn or created in the shape of a circle encompassing 360 degrees. The 360 degrees are divided into twelve segments that are numbered from one though twelve, starting with the first house and then traveling in a counter-clockwise direction until house twelve. Inside each of these “pieces of the pie” are placed the astrological symbols for the sun, moon, and eight planets in our solar system, from Mercury through Pluto (which has actually been “demoted” as a planet by astronomers – but still interpreted as a legitimate planet for astrological purpposes). Some additional symbols that can be chosen are for those for “fixed points” in space and stars. These fixed points and stars need not be included in your basic chart and for now, are better left out.

All the ten poiints already mentioned and on your chart, are under any of the twelve astrological signs that start with Aries and end with Pisces. The specific sign that your Sun is all the great majority of people on earth know or learn. This is your zodiac or astrological sign people are always talking about when they say “Hi, I’m a name of sign.

It is NOT wise to learn and know only the astrological sign of your Sun! Not by a very long shot. The best you can normally hope for is that once again, you will have wasted your time and possibly even money, on having your birth chart made up.

OK, I Agree and Believe I Need To Get My Chart Done Right, So .
Where Do I Go?

I have been a serious student of natal astrology for the past four decades and have spent countless hours and days learning everything I could about how to correctly interpret what my own natal chart reveals. I haven’t stopped there, either, and have drawn up many hundreds of charts for free for relatives and friends. In addition to doing this, I have invested a great deal of time, effort, and money into studying the works of the greatest Western astrologers, based on history and the opinion of today’s leading professional astrologers. 

Here is a short list, because that is all you need, of where I would go online to have my birth chart drawn up:

My personal favorite and the one I’d go to first. Totally accurate (as long as you are!) and amazingly comprehensive. A wealth of resources. Great articles and authors.

Go here for not only an accurate and good chart for free, but for excellent information on what the site’s title says – themes. As you progress in your knowledge and skill, use this site and also examine the many charts of celebrities.

Last and included for one main reason. A good site for beginners. it will help you get a good education in the basic knowledge you will need to gain the benefits of long-term study of astrology.

What Are The Most Important Points To Examine At First On My Chart?

As I said at the beginning, even an accurate and complete natal chart is useless unless you know what you are looking at and for on the your chart. After your chart is created, these are the next steps in improving your self-knowledge and lifewith the ongoing information your chart will continue to yield.

There is hardly any disagreement among professional astologers that the very best starting point when examining a/your chart is to properly interpret the details the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant reveal. These Big Three points form the basic structure or foundation of you as a person and individual. They are like the skeleton of your body, forming the framework upon which all the rest of you are built upon. 

As a result, it is of critical importance that you focus sharply and clearly on all these three chart factors reveal about each and every one of us. They are the main reasons why it is senseless and even dangerous to concentrate on nothing but the Sun-sign of yourself or any other chart subject! I can’t stress this enough.

So, let’s briefly look at each of these three and what you will be trying to learn from them.

My Sun

Your Sun represents your inner-core or self-identity and IS the most important part of your chart. It is your “self” and needs to be paid the utmost attention to. Look at several things when you interpret its meaning and power on your chart. These considerations would be what are all of the following relating to your Sun:

What sign is my Sun in?

What hoiuse is my Sun in?

What aspects does my Sun form with respect to the other points/planets on my chart?

Take your time when answering these questions and make sure you devote enough attention to what you learn. 

My Moon

This satellie of the earth is the second most important point to examine and think about on your chart. The moon represents the inner part of you and your emotions, instincts, and subconscious drives. Of key importance is the Moon’s relationship to your Sun. Ideally, or hopefully, your Moon will form a favorable aspect to your Sun as well as some planets. Like the Sun, you need to spend enough time to very carefully considerhow your Moon’s sign, house, and aspects all impact your well-being. Just like the Sun, do everything you can to develop your Moon as well as possible. Remember its extreme importance, even though the Sun is greater.

My Ascendant

Yes, you will never see this natal chart factor talked about or even mentioned in newspaper articles. Actually, you won’t even see it mentioned or discussed in online sites that are somewhat less than professional or serious. This factor reperesents and explains your public “persona” or the “face” you present to the outer world or public. Obviously, althouigh its imprortance comes after the Sun and Moon in your chart, it is still needed to complete your basic “framework” or foundation. One last time, just like your Sun and Moon, consider your Ascendant’s sign and aspects. As far as the house is concerned, it has none! It is the “starting point” of the first house or beginning boundary of your chart.


Congratulations on making it this far!! You now have a very good basic understanding of the most important factors you need to spend time with, remember, and draw conclusions from when looking at your natal chart. What should you do next? Simple.

Come back for more education and discoveries about what your astrological chart reveals about YOU – the most important person you’ll ever know and have to relate to in your life!! See you then.


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