Natal (“birth”) Astrology Does Work!

Have you ever wondered if asrology can work for YOU? Have you ever thought that the tens of millions of Americans who spent time each morning, severn days a week, reading their astrology forecast in the newspaper knew what they were doing or gaining anything valuable out of reading and believing what the newspaper column said? Well, if you thought, “NO, these people don’t know what they are doing and are getting absolutely nothing of real use or practical value out of the time they’re taking to read their forecast!,” then I have to tell you – YOU are right!!

You see, that useless forecast many people read is based on one and only one thing. The Sun (astrological/zodiac) sign they were born under – and that’s all. That’s the problem, because a complete and accurate interpretatiion of your whole natal chart contains lifetimes worth of learning. This is no exaggeration. Do you desire to learn and gain an amazingly in-depth knowledge of what makes you “tick” on so many levels? GOOD – then you are in the right place.

This site is dedicated to the men and women who realize and believe that any person or field of study can yield rich and fascinating rewards/results that are more than worth the time and energy it takes in learning. Consider that Western Astrology is thousands of years old, its origin coming about long before the birth of Christ. If a field has been studied or examined for thousands of years across the globe and constantly added to and improved upon, doesn’t it make sense to at least consider how a careful study of it might benefit you, personally?



I was born into extremely difficult circumstances, into a family that was hostile and hateful. The scars, chaos/turmoil, and terror I have know since birth are all too clearly revealed in my natal chart. Decades ago, I began my study of natal or “birth” astrology through my own chart.

As the years and decades have gone by, I have refined and broadened my knowledge of Western astrology. And, as I have done so, the main patterns or themes in and of my lfie that are still present today stand out in stark relief. The incredible wealth of information and then knowledge my study has led to is beyond dispute or any doubt in my mind. All the signs of what has occured and developed in my life are all there, in my chart.

Now, at over 70 years old, I am nearing the end of my journey on this earth and would love to share as much of my knowledge with all my readers as I can before I am gone.

If I can even help ONE person and reader be aware of and learn to avoid so much of the heartache and trouble I have endured, then I will consider myself truly blessed.

Give me your interest and desire to learn and help yourself have a better life in all areas and I will NOT disappoint you. That is my solemn promise.


i have never met anyone who hasn’t needed help at one time or another in their life. NOBODY knows everything they want or need to know about everything. As I have already said, (natal) astrology is only one tool you, I, or anybody can use for self-study and improving our lives. Human-beings are complex; there is so much there is about us that makes us what we are that even a lifetime of study leaves us ignorant in many ways of who and what we are.

This is all right, though. We are on this planet and j through life for two main reasons – to learn all we can and to help each otherNobody else can do the work for us. Nobody. It is our lives, in the last analysis, to use and live for better or worse. One day, though, our time is up and our goals, dreams, and hopes perish with us.

My goal in creating and sharing this website is to provide all the help I can to each of you to make your journey in life much more positive and powerful than I have allowed mine to be. 

So, come and visit my site and stay a while. I will always do my very best to inform and enlighten you. I can and will help you explore all the universes revealed within you natal chart. There is only one you in the world. Come along with me and discover all you can about that unique individual you will live with your entire life.



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