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Did you ever wonder if there was a LOT more to astrology than the Sunday newspaper readings? Even if you never have, I am here to tell you that there are some wonderful benefits any serious student of astrology can receive! Read on and I will be glad to explain; but welcome all the same.


Every single human-being can fully expect that their life will NOT be completely trouble (problem)-free.Besides taxes and death, this might be the only other thing in life that is guaranteed.

How well you handle your (personal) problems will largely determine how happy and successful a life you have and lead. Problems become much easier to handle once they have been solved and are no longer problems. Fewer problems, OR a greater ability to solve the next one that is sure to arrive (from just around the corner, patiently waiting its turn), can only result in less stress and conflict in one’s life.

My life, literally from the very beginning, has been filled with an extraordinary degree of stress, violence, hatred, and conflict. Since day one and that is the truth I know all too well. There really is no earthly or good reason I should still be here alive and writing this now. Of course, because I don’t understand or see any reason for still struggling to get through the next day, doesn’t mean my life has been and is completely without any (good or positive) purpose!! 

My main goal for this blog is to inform, teach, and educate readers as to how a thorough and correct interpretation of their astrological natal (birth) chart will be of enormous benefit to them in every arera of their lives – mental, psychological, medical, financial, social, and so on

If I can hlep only one person lead a calmer, happieer, and healthier life, then all my effort will be worth it.


This site is for the beginning to intermediate level “student” of western astrology. Layman or someone who has a good understanding of astrolgoy, this is the place for you to gain in the ability to use what is revealed in your natal chart to gain a better quality of life. Better relationships, health, financial and employment security, and more. There is more than enough fascinating, accurate, and worthwhile information in your chart than you might imagine. Much more than enough for one lifetime, at least. It is up to you to do the work and invest the time and effort (really, money too!) to get to know yourself (far) better than even your own family members or friends. It won’t come without any investment on your part, that I can guarantee you. 


Life is given to each of us for a reason. We can choose to take the best care of ourselves that we can, and to be a blessing to others. It is my goal to help any and all readers to gain as much deep and intimate knowledge of what “makes them tick” as possible. I will be your faithful and reliable guide as you undertake the journey. 



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2 thoughts on “About My Astrological Portrait.com

  1. That sounds fascinating. I once had my chart done by an Astrologer. The only thing is, she needed to know my time of birth but my Mother can’t remember it. Is that a stumbling block for having an accurate natal chart done?

    1. Well, Lauren the answer is actually both yes and no. The exact time of your birth (from your birth certificate only!) is every bit as important as the exact latitude and longitude (or location) of your birth. You say the astrologer you saw did your chart and I strongly suspect she did so by the process of “rectification.” This can give an astrologer he/she can work with and be of some value to you, but not nearly as reliable as one constructed with your exact date, time, and location of birth.

      I hope this makes some sense to you and helps you in some way. As you yourself has said, a person really can’t trust their memory – or anybody else’s either – when it comes to having a natal chart drawn up properly that is of great value.

      Thank you so much for your comment and please feel free to do so again. Oh, and PLEASE forgive me for being so late with the reply. I can and will promise you I will do much better in the future. Take good care.


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